Jack and Steph's Workshop

Santanator Pin

A wearable pin PCB soldering kit

He's making a list, then he'll be back, gonna find out which humans to track...

This completely non-infringing festive pin celebrates the futility of resistance against the coming AI storm, and features an ominous red eye which (optionally) blinks at a slightly distressing rate of 1.5hz to remind the wearer of just how soon the machines will take over! Extra solder on the front makes the chrome robot stand out, while cutouts in the PCB reveal the battery behind, giving distinct depth to its cold metallic face.

Available fully assembled and artistically aged for those who want to start wearing a half-Santa/half-murderbot face on a pin as soon as possible, or terminate your fear of soldering by doing the easy kit version yourself.

The Santanator Pin The Santanator Pin The Santanator Pin